Zealous Bearings

The Stoke: Zealous is one of our favorite bearings here at the shop. Dependable, smooth, stabile, and easy on the wallet are just the top reason we sell out of the guys regularly. 

The Grit:These are not the highest preforming bearings in the shop, but for the price point, you simply cannot beat them. That being said, if you are willing to spend a little more, you can most certainly beat them. Zealous also only come in their trademark green, and not everyone is into that, if you need some other colors, check out Atlas Blackout Bearings, or Free Wheel Co. QuickEEs. 

Zealous' Description: 

Precision 8mm axle holes

.4045″ built in spacers
.5mm built in speedrings
Green rubber seals to keep dirt and debris on the outside of the bearing.
Lubed with Archoil Nanoceramic Grease
-The unique feature of our lubricant is how the nanoceramic compound fills in deformations or asperities in the bearing. These deformations cause friction and heat around them which hardens the nano-ceramic compound to that specific area. This micro coating is 5 times the hardness of the host alloy and has a molecular bond with the host metal, filling in all the asperities and eliminating friction over time.
-The coefficient of friction is the lowest in the field of Tribology at 0.003% creating a near frictionless surface. Mainly because the nanoceramic compound eliminates all asperities.
-Extremely low water washout
-Corrosion on the inside of the bearing is nearly eliminated.

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