Venom Money Bag

 The Stoke: This is the most superb bushing party in the hisytory of ever. With plenty of options, you can find out what kind of set up you like the most for what kind of riding, and get it all in one trip. Great to experiment with on a sunny day and a gnarly hill. What bushings will you choose?

The Grit: All these bushings can be a little overwhelming. We advise only switching out one kind at a time so that you can really dial in what ride you like. They also don't come with Super High Rebound bushings in them.

10 Pack Downhill Comes with: 
2 - 85A HPF Barrels 
2 - 87A HPF Barrels 
2 - 90A HPF Barrels 
2 - 93A HPF Barrels 
2 - 95A HPF Barrels 
1 - Venom sticker 

16 Pack Downhill Comes with: 
1 - Venom Snake T-shirt Black 
2 - 85A HPF Barrels 
4 - 87A HPF Barrels 
4 - 90A HPF Barrels 
4 - 93A HPF Barrels 
2 - 95A HPF Barrels 
1 - Venom Sticker 

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