The Stoke:

Symmetrical, drop-through gives this deck a ton of options for hucking it down a hill  sliding every which way you need. Kicks on both the nose and tail will open all sorts of blunt slide, shove-it variations. We love the bamboo/fiberglass construction which makes this deck light, durable, and a perfect option for us up here in the misty pacific northwest. Sublimated graphics are a great touch as well and if your gonna have killer graphics they might as well last. 

The Grit:

Some riders with larger feet or a flatter stance prefer a less concaved board as the sharp edges can be a little bit on the abrasive side. 

Rayne's Description: 

Complete comes with

-Atlas Utlralight 50* 180mm Trucks

-Vicious Griptape

-Rayne Stoopid Fast Bearings + Precision Spacer Kit

-Rayne 70mm Envy Stoneground Wheels

The Rayne Vendetta has evolved from the need to do everything from light bombing, freeriding, carving, and pumping all in one board. The solution for answering all these needs is in the harmony of features which make for a great all around city board.

Sharp Edges – A nice final touch for locked in feet.
Vert-Lam Bamboo Core – Stronger than steel, light like a feather.
Pre – Tensioned Fiberglass – Adds long life, durability, strength and energy return.
Sublimated Artwork – Scratch resistant ink is tattooed into the deck.
Twin Shape – Freedom to choose any path or direction.
Leverage Concave – Grips from the ball of the foot to the centre of your heel for outstanding turn control.
Universal Drop Through mounting – Lowers your board for easy pushing and extra stability.
Firm Flex – Drifting and thrashing with little effort.



The Rayne Vendetta is a super fun freeride and freestyle board! It's lightweight, tough as nails, symmetrical, and ready to shred!

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