Riviera Quivers Complete

The Stoke: This little Deck Will pack a powerfull punch when it comes carving and pumping. This is due to its turn paris 150s and Live Flex contrustion.

The Grit: The Quiver does not feel like a traditional longboard, but will sure roll like one! Check out the Deneh or Heta for a more traditional Carve

Rivera's Description:

We’d rather be carving on ‘Quiver’ than sitting in the desert without water. This board is so fun to jam around the streets full speed and use the flex to maintain it. Pushing full speed down the sidewalk and ripping up and down the curb cuts and car parks has never been so fun. Add this board to your ‘quiver’ and rest easy tonight, fellow Earthlings. ‘Wise’ reminds you that having this board in your collection is another feather in your cap.

Deck Construction

Canadian Maple / Fiberglass Composites

Deck Width


Deck Length


Deck Wheelbase


Deck Rocker


Deck Flex


Deck Style



Riviera Skateboards

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