Pied Piper

The Stoke: The Pied Pieper features some serious rear wheel flaires giving you the perfect pocket for toe sides. 

The Grit: Super aggressive shape is not for the weak hearted, but at 89 bucks, whats to fear?

Five Mile's Description: 

The Pied Piper remains the OG of Five Mile Downhill designs, and serves as the ultimate top-mount race deck.  With a 2.5 degree wedge nose and Diamond Taper concave, you get a super comfy spoon to bury your front foot into.  The board also features a comfortable W in the back half of the deck that combines with the spooned gas pedals at the cut out to make a sweet pocket for those that have a long tuck.  The combination of the 27″-28.5″ wheelbase, deep wheel wells, the aggressive .75″ concave, and the rear W, the Piper is one of the most comfortable top mount decks in the industry.  Constructed with 8 plys of Canadian Maple and pressed with epoxy.

Wheelbase: 27.0 in - 28.5 in

Truck Pattern: Old School

Length: 36.0 in

Width: 9.75 in

Concave: 0.75 in

Drop: No

Rocker: No

Flex: Stiff

Style: Downhill

Construction: 8 ply Canadian Maple

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