The Stoke: This board is is a reincarnation of the Five Mile Raptor which was a legendary deck in one of five miles earlier production runs. Its center drop increased board feel while its top mount construction allowed for superior Control . At again Dan Kasmar has brought the raptor back from the dead in the new more functional body of the Phoenix. 

The Grit: Not all can handle this boards awesome power. 

Omen’s Description:

The Phoenix is the most innovative board for Omen's 2015 offering. Designed by Dan Kasmar, and featuring a directional center drop, this board changes the way the human body integrates with the skateboard. This board is difficult to explain, but ergonomic to ride, with a truly "function over form" design plan. This is a team driven board that has been heavily demanded by our team of World Class Skaters. 

Width: 9.75"
Length: 36"
WB: 25.5," 26.00" 26.5" 27" 

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