Paris Savants

The Stoke: The paris savants offer a near precision truck at half the cost of true precisions. Most notably they come with hat washers and more precise pivot cup. 
The Grit: Specifically the bushing seat is not machined which some would argue is quite important to the precision feel, However the pivot is, which others would are argue is more important than the bushing. Having one but not the other is half precision package and at half the cost! 
Paris' description: 
  • Forged 6061 Aluminum Hangers. T6 Heat Treated
  • Dead Straight Axles, Every Hangers Is Tested For Perfect Alignment
  • Race Spec 8mm, Grade 12 Axles
  • Patented Captive Axle Lock System
  • Grade 10 Steel Kingpins
  • Precision Axle Washers
  • 1mm Built-In Inner Speed Washers
  • 96a “Slop Stoppers”
  • Cast Baseplate
  • Hand Poured96a Pivot Cups
  • Machined Kingpin and Pivot Holes
  • 90a USA Made Double Barrel Bushings
  • Genuine Anodized Hanger (Grey / Red)
  • Titanium Plating (Electro Luxe)
  • Precision Engineering and STRONG AS F@#K!!

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