Moonshine Country Line

The Stoke: The Country Line offers a more functional alternative to the Loaded Dervish, by way of dampening the flex, reducing the camber and stiffening the kicks. Thus making the country line a  fantastic freestyle carver. In addition its urethane injected rails offer greater durability, not mention sex appeal

The Grit: The Country Line offers subtle concave which is quite comfortable at the cost of a less locked in feel. Check out the rayne, Amazon for a greater concave and the Loaded Dervish for a more lively flex. 

Moonshine's Description: 

The County Line is our drop through carver, made for multiple riding styles and ample comfort for your longest session.  Our drop-through truck mounts and wide platform with extended tip/tail kicks provides greater edge control, foot placement options and balance.  The urethane truck mount provides vibration dampening in all riding conditions. The cambered deck with subtle concave is available in two flex options, firm or soft - and they are hand-crafted in our U.S.A factory, The Distillery.

Dimensions: 43.75"L  X  9.5'W
Wheelbase Options: 23.5" / 24.25" / 25" / 25.75" / 26.5"

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