Lady Liberty

The Stoke: Arguably one of Five Mile's best shapes, the Lady Liberty is built with luscious lumps for speed and style. With slightly less aggressive concave and symmetrical gas pedals, this deck also preforms great for freeriding. Plus who can beat a zombie statue of Liberty with shot-gun and generic beer in hand. 

The Grit: Graphics are a touchy subject, which is why this graphic is both "the stoke" and "the grit". If you don't like beer, and guns, and a decomposing statue of liberty, this might not be the board for you. 

Five Mile's Description: 

The Lady Liberty is a directional drop platform deck, with high speeds in mind.  The deck features 4 symmetrical gas pedals, and two -1/4″ double rocker pockets near the drop, keeping your feet against the drop and inside the gas pedals. locking your feet into place for fast pre-drifts, and helping keep you in your tuck on the straights.  The deck also works great as an all around Downhill, and Freeride board.  The standing platform is designed to give you more control in your slides and more stability at speeds.  The deck also features two -1/4″ double rocker pockets near the drop and +1/8″ in the center keeping your feet against the drop and in the gas pedals, giving the term “locked in” a new meaning.  The Liberty is constructed with 8 ply’s of maple surrounded by a thin layer of bamboo on top and bottom and pressed with epoxy.

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