Dieta Shaped Decks

The Stoke: The shaped Decks are phenomenally functional and far less gimmicky then other shaped decks around.

The Grit: This product does not contain dieta's popsicles decks

Dieta's Description: 

Dieta Skateboards is a company that puts aside the current ideas within the skate- boarding industry and focuses on what is most important to us; friends, family, and having a good time. We work for what we have and we enjoy it to the fullest. This is our way of life. This is Dieta.

Made In America – Why It’s Important to Us.

A lot can be said about products that are made in America. You can say that these products are better, stronger, and have a higher standard for quality. But when you set aside the physical traits that these products maintain you can find something that goes a bit deeper. By manufacturing products within your own country you are supporting the wages and lives of the hardworking men and women who surround you. Then, when these products are purchased by the public, that support doubles. At Dieta we are truly working-class skaters who have to work as hard as we can to live and get by. We have families that we have to support just like everyone else out there. Not only do we want our skateboards to be the highest quality, we want to make sure that those manufacturing them are taken care of as well.

Our boards are pressed, cut, and screened in Elmore, Alabama in a factory (run by skateboarders) that has been making quality skateboards for over 20 years. Sure it may cost a little bit more than having them made in Mexico or China but making money off of this is not our top priority. We make our wages off our day-to-day work and put just about everything we make from this back into the brand and into the community. With the corporate influence that is becoming more and more prevalent in skateboarding we feel that someone needs to stick to the grass-roots of what skateboarding truly is. Don’t get us wrong, we think that it’s amazing that some skaters have been given the opportunity to build a better life off of these engagements, however, we also realize that those skaters are an elite and select few that don’t represent the majority of skateboarders across the globe. We represent everyone out there who is trying to roll around on a skateboard for as long as they can because skateboarding isn’t a sport, it’s a lifestyle. And that is what Dieta is, a lifestyle, your routine, your daily regimen.

Support those who support you.

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