Dyad V2 Complete

The Stoke: Everything that made the Dyad V1 so popular, including double kicks, great rocker, and perfect sizing. Now offered in two sizes both introducing DB's new stronger Fiber glass construction. 

The Grit: DB's Fiber glass construction means your graphic will never scratch off. How are you suppose to look gritty with a graphic that lasts forever?

Dyad V2 Complete Description:

A redux on a classic board the Dyad V2 is the best multifunctional double kick longboard we have ever built. From pushing wood to flippy flatground tricks, cruising to sliding-this board can handle almost anything. The concave is a perfectly comfortable 3/8" continuous, just enough to keep you locked in, but not overkill for long pushes and cruising. Integrated wheel well flares give your wheels the clearance they need to stop pesky wheel bite while also providing you with awesome organic concave for sliding when needed. The universal drop through is compatible with almost every truck on the market, so you can get low no matter your setup.The Dyad V2 longboard does it all and feels great doing it.

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