Caliber II 50* Nine Inch (154mm)

The Stoke: The Same Caliber II design in a smaller hanger width providing a zippy more twitchy, turn. They are a perfect truck for a small cruiser but  also a favorite for smaller speed boards like the brightside. 

The Grit: The twitch can be Intense. Check out Caliber 50* Ten Inch for a more stable feel. 

Caliber's Description:

  • 50 degree baseplate
  • Updated bushing seat providing a perfect no-slip-fit
  • Pivot re-designed for tighter tolerances with an updated chamfer
  • Circular kingpin hole with updated diameter
  • Truck strength increased by 40%
  • Pressed-in Grade 8 hex head kingpin
  • Beefed up and reinforced baseplate
  • Thinner paints used for tighter tolerances

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