Blood Orange "Liam Morgan" Pro Model

Description: Based out of NorCal, Liam had his gloves designed after the hills he would skate back in the day. With maps of both Oakland and San Francisco, this is where Liam progressed as a skater and became the gnarly rider he is today. These gloves are reinforced with Kevlar on the fingertips to give you extra durability, so you don't get those pesky holes that always come from dragging your fingers. Suede reinforcements from your thumb to your index finger add a line of defense when you're grabbing rails and doing predrifts. Rounded Blood Orange pucks tie it all together when sliding across rough pavement. These gloves won't catch on small cracks, keeping you drifting like butter. And if you're wondering if these gloves are cool? Well they're ice cold! Vented air holes, and a full air-tunnel system on the back of the hand lets you skate even on the hottest of days.

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