The Stoke: Everything that made the Barfight successful in a longer package

 The Grit: This model is from an era where omens wheel wheels were known for breaking for some folks.

 Airship Description:

Length: 36.5"
3D radial concave
9 plies of maple
Best for...
Downhill, freeride, sliding
The Omen Airship is built using Omen Longboards' signature Accelerated Rocker, which creates a drop feel in the truck mounts of the longboard deck. The big brother of the Omen Barfight, the Airship is geared towards faster longboarding, with an emphasis on foot comfort and hold. The longer standing platform and the flattened section of rocker near the center of the deck give the Airship more extreme pockets than those of the Barfight. The flattened center section also creates a steeper radius in the preferred foot placement locations. This added steepness gives you more to push against to gain leverage for longer, bigger slides, and is meant to keep your feet inside the wheelbase. In addition, while the Airship isn't symmetrical, it features a bidirectional design that gives the board a more normal feel and appearance when ridden switch.

The Airship is a board with an initial desire to cater to the wants and needs of taller riders who like lots of foot room and a wide stance. The Airship's generous standing platform measures in at 28.5" from accelerated rocker pocket to accelerated rocker pocket, which is also the same length as the longest wheelbase. This allows taller riders, as well as riders with a naturally wide stance, the ability to stand close to, or directly on top of, the trucks for more leverage and maximum board control.

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