Ace Trucks Color

The Stoke: Ace Trucks have been a grindhouse favorite since day one. Designed after the phenominal Indy Stage Five, these suckers pack phenomenal feel, in a minimal package.

The Grit: Pivot cups have been known to have a relatively fast wear life. Replace them with either Riot small cups or Khiro small cups. Another solution is to use an Indy base plate. Regardless of the Grit Ace trucks are backed by the Grindhouse 100%

Unheard Dist's Description:

Ace Truck are the perfect choice for skaters who need a strong truck that turns great and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. They have a very unique turn that is easy to fall in love with and an extremely rounded hanger that helps when grinding the chunkiest of ledges and coping. Ace trucks come in a variety of sizes that can suit everything from tiny cruisers to 10 inch old-school decks. These are an all-around great product that anyone can enjoy. 

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