April 06, 2015

The Grit

Grit. Depending on who you ask, you'll get very different answers on what "grit" is. Some people will tell you grit is the stuff that gets in your eye, or the sand from the beach that makes it into your sandwich; or even just "the stuff on sandpaper". While none of these are wrong, we have a special appreciation and understanding of grit here in Grit City, Tacoma, WA. 
To us, grit defines a certain attitude towards life. It's not some lifestyle gimmick, or catchy happy-go-lucky nick name, no, Grit City is the name earned by a city whose been to hell and back and just keeps swinging. A city that was once poised to be the end all be all in the northwest as it was the final stop for all railways headed west. But we all know the story, as Seattle grew to NW icon it is, Tacoma was more or less left for dead, fallen through the cracks of notoriety and national attention and most mainstream trends. 
This city has been on the brink of complete abandonment more than once, and yet we're still here today, and we owe it all to "grit". This idea that we all know the odds may be stacked against us, but we will push through, with everything we've got, not to get somewhere new or better, but because we value the challenge, we live for the fight. Grit is the never-say-die attitude, the DIY or die that pushes people to open independent breweries, restaurants, and businesses that bring life to our city.
Grit is what you have when you look past the faded, chipped paint and see the potential in things that you can realize through hard work and sweat. You can see it everywhere you look in Tacoma, you can see grit in the people, you can see grit in the skate community that continues to grow and thrive even though it rains most the year and we have no covered skate parks.
Grit is what we see when we look out our window. It goes without saying that we love the grit and wanted to create a shop that celebrates the struggle and supports those in our community that attack life with an unparalleled tenacity. We strive to be a resource for the do-it-yourselfers, the two-three jobbers, the kids that skate to the bus to get to school early in the morning. We work for our city. We work because we love the Grit.